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 Every Monday live from 11:03 p.m. till midnight. Click on: 


Radio Salto, Amsterdam




 Blue Beat Reggae Show #464 

 Monday/Maandag 21 Oktober 2019 


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Lloyd Charmers (LLoyd Tyrell)


Derrick Morgan


Derrick Morgan met Theo



      Title Artist Label
  1. She don't let nobody Chaka Demus & Pliers Mango
  2. She don't let nobody(Dub Mix) Sly & Robbie Mango
  3. No woman no cry Bob Marley & The Wailers Island
  4. Cool and easy The Upsetters Trojan
  5. Eye of the storm Eastern Standard Time (USA) Grover
  6. Shine (Majorwad Mix) Aswad ft. Soloman Dureco (NL)
  7. Lonely boy The Charmers with  All Stars (1961)
  8. Carry go bring come

          Hersan & his City Slickers

The Charmers *)

  9. I'm going back home

The Charmers with

          Hersan & his City Slickers

All Stars (1961)
10. SKA-Racha The SKAtalites Randy's
11. Fat man (Medley) (Live) Derrick Morgan with Rude Rich Grover (Germ.)
             & The High Notes  
12. Easy nuh - Version C.B.Y.  (Blank is the name of the label) Blank
13. Riding West Tommy McCook

Third World


*) The Charmers = Lloyd Charmers a.k.a. Lloyd Tyrell + Roy Willis 





Blue Beat Reggae Show No. 463

Maandag/Monday Oct. 14th 2019


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Glen Brown


Inner Visions


Glen Brown (died Oct. 4th 2019)

  1. Se la Lionel Richie (USA) Motown
  2. No sympathy Peter Tosh & The Wailers Emporio
  3. No sympathy Peter Tosh CBS
  4. Shame and scandal Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Allstars Grover (Germany)
  5. Shame and scandal The Bluesbusters Jamaican Gold
  6. Collie and wine Glen Brown Beverley's
  7. La la always stay Glen & Dave Harry J
  8. Wake up to reality Glen & Dave Gay Feet
  9. Goldiggy Bishop Lamont  (USA) feat. Smiley Love & Unity Music
10. So nice Inner Visions (Virgin Islands) Blue Bitch Music
11. Mama Africa Inner Visions Blue Bitch Music
12. Easy on the road Inner Visions Blue Bitch Music
13. Am sorry K. Ansah (Ghana/NL) Africanamusic
14. Easy nuh Roland Blank *)


*) "Blank" is the name of the label





Blue Beat Reggae Show #462

Monday/Maandag 7 okt. 2019




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Byron Lee


          Titel                                          Artiest                                              Label



  1. Run things (Club Mix) D.J. Blackfoot ft. Shanti (NL) Multidisk
  2. Nice time Johnny Nash (USA) CBS
  3. Nice time J-Stars ft. Tobias Breekveldt (NL) AfterBeatMusic
  4. Children crying The Congos VP
  5. Complaint (Remix) Garnet Silk Penthouse
  6. Kentucky Skank Lee Perry & The Upsetters Trojan
  7. Running around in circles                (Album Version) Johnny Baby (NL/Guyana) Eva
  8. City of New Orleans (Kingston) Byron Lee & The Dragonaires    Dragon
  9. Shaft Byron Lee & The Dragonaires    Trojan
10. Jamaica SKA (Do The SKA) Byron Lee & The SKA Kings       Rhino
11. Dr. Kitch Judge Dread Trojan
12. The needle

Dr. Ring-Ding & The Scrucialists

Germany         & Switzerland

13. Carnival The Granville Williams Orch. Island





 Blue Beat Reggae Show No. 461 

 Maandag / Monday 30 sept. 2019 


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Dandy Livingstone





      Title Artist Label
  1. Rudi's in love The Locomotive (UK) Parlophone
  2. Rudi's in love The Chequers Polydor
  3. My cup Bob Marley & The Wailers (vocal) Trojan
  4. My cup in Dub The Upsetters Caribbean Rec.
  5. Dengue fever Byron Lee & The Dragonaires Randy's
  6. Rudy a message to you Dandy Trojan
  7. Don't you believe it The Happy Boys (Suriname) Fajalobie
  8. Door peep Burning Spear Mango
  9. Devil woman The Tender Tones Crab
10. Fire in my wire Laurel Aitken Grover
11. Eyes shut Court Jester's Crew (Germany) Grover
12. Freedom sound The SKAtalites (Live at Sunsplash '83)  (Montego Bay)
13. Estambul Ska (Freedom Sound) Antonio "Tono" Quirazco Dimsa
      y su Hawaiiana   
14. Das ist der Blue Beat Gitte (Danmark/Germany) Electrola
15. Daddy The Maytals IBC



 Blue Beat Reggae Show #460 

 Monday / Maandag 23 Sept. 2019 


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    Titel Artiest(en) Label
  1. Rock me tonight (Ext. Vers.) Winston Groovy Jive
  2. Mr. BrownThe Wailers (vocal) & The Upsetters Trojan/Zafiro
  3. Do The Reggay The Maytals Trojan
  4. Dollars and Bonds Lloyd Charmers Trojan
  5. Don't go crazy Lorna Gee Ariwa
  6. Axes The Slackers (USA) Hellcat
  7. Rock with you (Remix Edit) Inner Circle WEA
  8. House of dread locks Big Youth Attack
  9. Raw truth Culture feat. Big Youth Ababa Janhoy
10. Phil Pratt thing Big Youth Trojan
11. Dr. Ring Ding  *) Rolando Al & The Soul Brothers SKA Town (bootleg)
12. Twine time      *) Alvin Cash & The Crawlers (USA) Stateside 1964
13. Father & dreadlocks Charlie Ace & Scorcher Studio One 1965


*)  "Twine time" is the original R&B, "Dr. Ring Ding" is a SKA cover. 



 Blue Beat Reggae Show No. 459 

 Maandag / Monday 16th Sept. 2019 



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Alton Ellis & Theo in Turnhout, België



  1. Sick and tired Neville Grant Down Town
  2. Return of Django (instrum. of                     Sick and Tired) The Upsetters Trojan
  3. Return of Django Maroon Town (UK) Grover (Germany)
  4. Midnight ravers Bob Marley & The Wailers Island
  3. Buk-in-Hamm Palace Peter Tosh EMI
  4. Juvenile delinquent Black Roots Bristol Arch. Rec.
  5. Reggae tune Andy Fairweather Low A&M
  6. I'll be waiting Alton Ellis Techniques
  7. Shake it Alton & The Flames Island
  8. This feeling of love Alton Ellis Coxsone
  9. Bridge view *) The SKAtalites (Live at Sunplash '83),

 Montego Bay

10. But I do Bob & Marcia Trojan
11. Come follow me (Sil Club Dub) Skibby feat. King Lover (NL) Jive

*) Mixed by Oswald Palmer @Tuff Gong (with thanks to Brian Keyo) 



Blue Beat Reggae Show #458

Monday / Maandag 9 sept. 2019


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The Paragons


Ted Powder & Anneke Grönloh


Louise Bennett


Tommy McCook




  1. Pretty Belinda Chris Andrews Sky (NL)
  2. Ein Mädchen für immer Peter Orloff (Germany) Decca
             (Pretty Belinda)    
  3. Let him go (Stereo Version)

The Wailers (vocal),

                     feat. Bunny Wailer

Calla (USA)
  4. Let him go Bunny Wailer Shanachie
  5. Love dem Shazman (Guyana, NL, Florida) Def Jam/KSK
  6. Buccaneer Bay The Stubborn Allstars (NYC) Grover
  7. Puppet on a string Sandie Shaw PYE
  8. Speelbal in de wind Anneke Grönloh (NL) Philips
        (Puppet on a string)    
  9. Mercy mercy The Paragons Treasure Isle
10. Flashing my whip U Roy & The Paragons Treasure Isle
11. Yellow bird The Paragons Treasure Isle
12. Dip dem (Mento style) Louise Bennett Shazam
13. Dip dem Prince (SKA)

The Cherry Pies with

    Prince Buster's All Stars 

14. True believer in Dubs

Tommy McCook

     & The Aggrovators

Striker Lee
15. With all my friends Alpha Boy School (Germany) Elmo
16. Why make me cry The Renegades Merritone








 Blue Beat Reggae Show No. 457 

 Maandag / Monday 2 sept. 2019 



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  1. Red, red wine UB 40 Virgin/DEP
  2. Red, red wine Tony Tribe Fontana NL/Down Town
  3. Red, red wine Boris Gardiner Steady (USA)
  4. Maga dog Peter Tosh Bullet (Pama
  5. Maga dog The Wailers (vocal) with Calla (USA)
      The SKAtalites (Stereo Version)  
  6. Reggae night Jimmy Cliff CBS
  7. Push it in The Versatiles Trojan
  8. Children get ready The Versatiles Crab (Pama)
  9. Warricka Hill The Versatiles Attack
10. A message to Rudy The Specials 2 Tone
11. Desert storm Tommy Tornado (NL) Pork Pie (NL)
12. Africavi Danakil (Fr.) X-Ray
13. Big fight Alpha Boy School (Germany) Elmo
14. Blood a go run Jungle Jim (with Sly & Robbie) Life Time
15. Bonified love Maxi Priest LockDown Prod. 





Blue Beat Reggae Show #456

Monday/Maandag 26 Aug. 2019


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The Techniques




       Title                                           Artist                                               Label


  1. Rat in me kitchen (LP Vers.) UB 40 Virgin
  2. Love Peter Tosh JAD
  3. Love Johnny Nash JAD
  4. American dream /African dream Papa Levi Ariwa
  5. Mystery Lady  Shazman (NL, Sur., Guyana, USA) SK/Def Jam
  6. Reggae in your Jeggae Dandy Down Town
  7. No one The Techniques Legacy
  8. Queen majesty The Techniques Heart Beat/Treasure Isle
  9. I'm in love The Techniques Heart Beat/Treasure Isle
10. Apache Prince Buster's All Stars Prince Buster
11. Enemy of the system The Toasters Grover
12. A gal a chat Mad Cobra Boem Box
13. Baby come on home Tony Gregory & The Soulettes Doctor Bird
14. Behold dis ya Dub of classTommy McCook & The AggrovatorsStriker Lee



 Blue Beat Reggae Show No. 455 

 Maandag/Monday August 19, 2019 


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      Titel                                            Artiest                                             Label 


  1. Rain Bruce Ruffin Trojan
  2. Lively up yourself Bob Marley & The Wailers Island
  3. Hello sunshine Jimmy Cliff Trojan
  4. Come tomorrow The Cimmarons *) Trojan
  5. You can't get (Mento) Kingston Four Combo Big Shot
  6. Ranking full stop The Beat Two-Tone
  7. Natty should be free The Admirals (= Silvertones) Klik
  8. Blue bird The Silvertones Treasure Isle

  9. Feel all right

         (Rehearsal at Lee Perry's)

The Silvertones Motion
10. You really gotta hold on me Derrick Harriott Economy
11. You're a wanted man The Starlites Trojan
12. A sugar Roy Shirley Pama
13. Africa Dennis Brown Trojan
14. Deathly hands The Upsetters DIP
15. A gal a chat (stukje) (fragm.) Mad Cobra Boem Box


*) From the very first Reggae Live LP: Trojan Reggae Party, Vol. 1 (Vol. 2 was not released).



 Blue Beat Reggae Show # 454 

 Monday/Maandag 12 Augustus 2019


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The Moon Invaders from Belgium





      Title ArtistLabel
  1. Police officer Smiley Culture Fashion
  2. Talkin' Bob Marley. KSAN Radio, San Francisco, 1973 ) Tuff Gong
  3. Kinky Reggae  (Bob Marley &) The Wailers              ) Tuff Gong
  4. Baby get higher Lenny Keylard (NL) 8Ball Music (NL)
  5. It's you Lenny Keylard 8Ball Music
  6. Mystery LadyShazman (NL, Suriname, USA)Def Jam/SKK
  7. Please don't make me cryUB40Virgin/DEP

  8. Please don't make me cry

  9. Don't let me suffer

Winston Groovy

The Concords feat. Gregory Isaacs


Success (Pama)

10. Number eight The Moon Invaders (Belgium) Grover
11. Houston Dub The Moon Invaders Grover
12. Old friend The Moon Invaders Grover
13. Turn it down Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Grover
      Allstars*) ft. Doreen Shaffer **)  
14. Turn your lampJamaica All Stars ft. Skully SimmsPassage
15. What will I do Winston Groovy Jive

*) Germany   **) from The SKAtalites 




  Blue Beat Reggae Show No. 453 

 Maandag/Monday Aug. 5th 2019


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      Titel Artiest(en) Label
  1. Pass the Dutchie (Special Musical Youth MCA
             12" Club Version)    
  2. Keep on moving Bob Marley & The Wailers Tuff Gong
              (Extended Mix)    
  3. Away from me Tarrus Riley Bombrush
  4. Groovy little thing Tarrus Riley Penthouse
  5. Something on your mind Errol Dixon Gas (Pama)
  6. Trial and tribulation Jungle Jim Life Time
  7. Pied piper Bob & Marcia Trojan
  8. Pied piper Rita Marley Trojan
  9. Big Seven Judge Dread Big Shot
10. Look a pussy Judge Dread Cactus
11. Big Nine Judge Dread Trojan
12. When you need love Lenny Keylard (NL) 8Ball Music
13. Keep the light up Lenny Keylard (NL) 8Ball Music
14. The prayer *) Lieutenant Stitchie Atlantic

*) From the CD: "The Governor". This was my very first CD. I got it from Lt. Stitchie himself.



 Blue Beat Reggae Show van 29 juli 2019 is hetzelfde als BBR Show van 5 aug. 2019 

 Blue Beat Reggae Show of July 29th 2019 is the same as on Aug 5th 2019 



 Blue Beat Reggae Show No. 452
Monday/Maandag 22 juli 2019


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Pat Kelley is op 16 juli 2019 overleden


Jamaica All Stars



  1. One step beyond

Prince Buster's All Stars

     feat. King Sporty

  2. Is this love

Bob Marley & The Wailers

Live, Ahoy Rotterdam,

4 Aug. 1978

VPRO Radio
  3. Tan Tudy Trinity Jamaican Gold
  4. The greatest love (Version) Jah-Son & Owen Grey Trojan
  5. Papa's slapen liever 's nachts Peter Koelewijn (NL) Arcade (NL)
  6. How long will it take Pat Kelley Pama (NL)
  7. If it don't work out Pat Kelley Gas (Pama)
  8. 12th of never Pat Kelley Lee's / Island
  9. Hey mama Jamaica All Stars Passage
          feat. Justin Hinds  
10. Alipang Jamaica All Stars Passage
11. The higher the monkey climb Jamaica All Stars Passage
          feat. Justin Hinds  
12. I'm still in love with you Sean Paul feat. Sasha Atlantic/VP
   - Album Version    
13. I'm still in love Alton Ellis Melodisc
14. Sweet chariot Laurel Aitken Caribou





Blue Beat Reggae Show #451

Monday / Maandag 15 Juli 2019


Vandaag heb ik mijn 2000e radioprogramma. Het gaat om ruim

1400 Blue Beat Reggae Shows bij de Lokale Omroep Goirle (LOG), 

Radio Tilburg, Radio Paloma (België), mArt Radio Amsterdam,

Radio Diemen en Radio Salto Amsterdam. Die overige 600

programma's (plm.) zijn gemaakt bij de LOG en Radio Tilburg:

reportages, sport, actualiteiten, verzoekplaten, jongerenprogramma's,

etc. The BBR Shows begonnen toen ik geleidelijk met de actualiteiten- 

programma's stopte.


  Streaming on demand: luisteren:   Klik hier 


Horace Andy


Today I have my 2000th radio program. It concerns more than 1400 Blue Beat Reggae Shows on Local

Radio Goirle (LOG), Radio Tilburg, Radio Paloma (Belgium), mArt Radio Amsterdam, Radio Diemen and 

Radio Salto Amsterdam. The other 600 programs (approximately) were made on LOG Radio and Radio

Tilburg: sports, request shows, shows for the youth, topics, etc. The BBR Shows started when I gradually

stopped doing the variation shows. 


       Title                                           Artist                                               Label


  1. Over the river Bitty McLean Brilliant
  2. Over the river Justin Hinds & The Domino's              with The SKAtalites Treasure Isle
  3. Jerking time  (Bob Marley &) The Wailers Heart Beat
  4. Trodding Jah Road Morgan Heritage CRS
  5. Celebration

Alborosie (Italy) &

        Gentleman (Germany)

  6. Don't break your promise Horace Andy    Trojan
  7. Life is for living Horace Andy    Ariwa
  8. Just don't wanna be lonely Horace Andy    Money Disc
  9. Everything I own Ken Boothe Philips
10. The hop

Derrick Morgan (JA) with

Rude Rich & The High Notes (NL)

Rude Rich
11. Pa Doe Maar (NL) Sky (NL)
12. Beardman SKA The SKAtalites Heart Beat
13. Mi legal Third World Mercury
14. Asama de Kenny B (NL, Suriname) Basil
15. Lioness on the rise Tony Rebel & Queen Ifrica Royal Music Center






 Blue Beat Reggae Show No. 450 (on Salto!!!) 

 Maandag / Monday 8th July 2019 

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 click here 


 Owen Grey is op 5 juli 2019 80 jaar geworden!



      Titel Artiest(en) Label
  1. One step beyond Madness Stiff
  2. One step beyond Bad Manners Time Music
  3. I shot the sheriff (Bob Marley &) The Wailers Island
  4. Let's go              *) Chevaughn Juke Boxx
  5. Can't you see    *) Romain Virgo Juke Boxx
  6. Only a fool Mighty Sparrow with BLD Trojan / Mata Hari
  7. Groovie kinda love Elki & Owen with The Rim Ram Band Blue Elephant
  8. Fire in a Trench Town Owen Grey  Midnite
  9. Best Twist

Owen Grey with Hersang

        & his City Slickers

Blue Beat/Caribou  1962
10. No time to lose Al Campbell Dynamite
11. Telephone love   **) June C. Lodge Greensleeves

12. Sweet ecstasy    **)

Dennis Creary Greensleeves

13. Skylarking

14. A better Version

15. The greatest love of all

Horace Andy

Horace Andy

Owen Grey

Blood & Fire

Blood & Fire

Trojan 1978


*)   On the same riddim track 

**) On the same riddim track 



Blue Beat Reggae Show No. 449

Monday / Maandag 1 juli 2019


  Terugluisteren: Streaming on demand: Download: 


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      Titel Artiest(en) Label
  1. One draw Rita Marley Hansa (Germany)
  2. So high (One draw - Dub) Rita Marley Hansa (Germany)
  3. I made a mistake The Wailers Calla (USA)
  4. We a guh some weh Ziggy Marley & Virgin
      The Melody Makers  
  5. Solar systemMad Professor & Ariwa
             The Robotics  
  6. Morning girl  Jamaican Jazz Orchestra *)  
  7. Happy earthquake Jamaican Jazz Orchestra *)  
  8. One in ten (808 7") 808 State & UB 40 ZTT
  9. Addicted to you Gregory IsaacsAfrican Museum
10. Love is overdue Gregory Isaacs GG
11. What a feeling Gregory Isaacs Taxi
12. Stop talking Fiona Mixing Lab
13. Something on your mind Errol Dixon Gas (Pama)
14. StampedeBaba Brooks & his band with Treasure Isle
      Don Drummond & Drumbago 
15. Street lifeSka'd For Live  Sue!


*) Brand new 45 from Belgium. In October The Jamaican Jazz Orchestra will release their first album.







Blue Beat Reggae Show #448

Maandag / Monday 24th June 2019



Dr. Calypso from Spain stopped 3 years ago,

after a 30 years career.





Terugluisteren: Streaming on demand: Download:


 Click here 




   Title Artist Label
  1. On my radio The Selecter  ft. Pauline Black Chrysalis
  2. On my radio Bad Manners ft. Pauline Black Time Music
  3. I am going home (Mono) The Wailers Coxsone
  4. I am going home (Stereo) The Wailers Calla (USA)
  5. Saturday night The Skakofonians (NL) Skakofonians
  6. Dancing time Bob & The Beltones Melodisc
  7. On a Ragga Tip      *) SL2 (NL) XL (NL)
  8. Walk and Skank  *) Jah Screechy Virgin
  9. Let's try again Dr. Calypso (Spain) Grover (Germany)
10. Mr. Happiness Dr. Calypso Grover
11. Dolça sensació Dr. Calypso Grover
12. Shtiklakh King Django Grover
13. Simplify Rude Rich & The High Notes Grover/Rude Rich
14. So easy Winston GroovyB&C



*)  On a Ragga Tip is based on Walk and Skank



Blue Beat Reggae Show No. 447

Monday / Maandag 17 Juni 2019


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 Klik hier 







  Titel Artiest(en) Label
  1. Oh Diana (7" Version) E.Z.K. Habana
  2. Oh Diana (Dub Di-Mix) E.Z.K. Habana
  3. Whatever you want Winston Wheel  *) Zola & Zola (NL)
  4. Fight dem a fight Anthony B          *) Zola & Zola
  5. Poorer class Derek Lara         *) Zola & Zola
  6. Oh, oh, what a kiss Micky Day (Belgium) Omega (Belgium)
  7. Sunday Version Dennis Alcapone Heart Beat/Studio 1
  8. Version I can feel Dennis Alcapone Heart Beat/Studio 1
  9. Midnight Version Dennis Alcapone Heart Beat/Studio 1
10. Puttin' on the Ritz Taco Polydor
11. High tide or low tide(Bob Marley &) The WailersTuff Gong
12. Reggae in Jamaica T Brothers & Sis' (Germany) Telefunken/Delphine
13. Rub-a-Dub Sound Captain Sinbad & The CSA
      High Times Band  
14. Sexy Daddy Lizard Music Master
15. Rub and squeeze King Perry (Scratch) Trojan


*) On the same riddim track 



Blue Beat Reggae Show #446

Maandag / Monday 10th June 2019


Streaming on demand / Terugluisteren:


Click here



Damian Marley                








  1. Ob-la-di, ob-la-da
  2. Go tell it on the mountain
  3. Pink Lane Hop

  4. Prove your love

  5. Walk away from love

  6. Oh Carolina
             (Uptown 10001 Version)
  7. Oh Carolina (original)
  8. Beautiful
  9. The master has come back

10. Land of promise


11. Teaching
12. Red hot

13. Shank I Sheck


14. Dub intermezzo


The Bedrocks
Peter Tosh & The Wailers
Duke's Group

Bitty McLean


The Folkes Brothers
    & Count Ossie
Damian Marley feat. Bobby Brown
Damian Marley

Damian Marley & Nas with

     Dennis Brown

Prezident Brown
Sly & Robbie

Baba Brooks & his Band with

        Lynn Taitt on guitar

Studio One



Blue Beat
Tuff Gong/Universal
Tuff Gong/Universal
Universal Republic


John John

King Edwards




Blue Beat Reggae Show No. 445, Maandag 3 juni 2019, maar het is de 1400e BBR Show van 6 stations bij elkaar opgeteld. 

De BBR Show begon als de Blue Beat SKA Skank Hot Shot Rock Steady Reggae Show op de Lokale Omroep Goirle op 14 april 1987 en eindigde in juni 1989. Daarna kwamen: 

Radio Tilburg (Blue Beat Reggae Show), Okt. 1988 t/m mei 1991. 

mArt Radio, Amsterdam, jan. 1993 - mei 1993. 

Radio Paloma te Poppel in België, 31 maart 1992 - 31 jan. 2006, (605 programma's in bijna 14 jaar!)                           

Radio Diemen, 14 feb. 2006 - okt. 2008. 

Radio Salto, Amsterdam, 19 okt. 2009 - nu. 


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Blue Beat Reggae Show # 445, Monday 3rd June 2019, but this is de 1400th BBR Show on 6 stations together.

The BBR Show started as the Blue Beat SKA Skank Hot Shot Rock Steady Reggae Show on Local Radio Goirle (LOG)  on 14 April 1987 and ended in June 1989. Then came: 

Radio Tilburg (Blue Beat Reggae Show), Oct. 1988 till May 1991. 

mArt Radio, Amsterdam, Jan. 1993 - May 1993. 

Radio Paloma in Poppel in Belgium, 31 March 1992 - 31 Jan. 2006 (605 shows in almost years). 

Radio Diemen, 14 Feb. 2006 - Oct. 2008. 

Radio Salto, Amsterdam, 19 okt. 2009 - now. 




Bunny Wailer




Orange Grove


Terugluisteren: Streaming on demand: Download:  klik hier


 Then click on: 

 Klik daarna op: 

 Beluister aflevering 


  1. Now that we found love Third World Island
  2. Get up, stand up Bunny Wailer Island
  3. Not the way Gregory Isaacs Island
  4. Pendulum Toasters Grover
  5. Night boat to Cairo Madness Stiff
  6. Night boat to Cairo Bad Manners Time Music
  7. A bitch called Irma Orange Grove Orange Grove
  8. Ghost on the run Orange Grove Orange Grove
  9. Sodom and Gomorrah Benaïssa feat. Ayya (NL) Silver Kamel
10. Seak the Kingdom first

G.T. Moore & The Lost

                Ark Band (UK/Belgium)

11. Lovers Bop Sly Dunbar Front Line
12. Pack up hang ups Jimmy Cliff Trojan



 Blue Beat Reggae Show No. 444 

 Monday / Maandag 27 Mei 2019 

 Dit is mijn 444e BBR Show op Radio Salto 

 en de 1399e op 6 stations bij elkaar 

 This is my 444th BBR Show on Radio Salto 

 and the 1399th on 6 stations altogether


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Gitte Haenning


Anneke Soetaert


Anneke Soetaart




Orange Grove


Orange Grove


  1. Mysterious girl (R&B 

           Skankmaster Remix)

Peter Andre ft. Bubbler Ranx BMG
  2. Fussing and fighting Bob Marley & The Wailers SMM
  3. Music machine Inner Circle Island
  4. 54-46 was my number Willem Duys & The Maytals feat. Theo Trojan

  5. Nachtzuster

  6. Blessed

  7. One draw

Doe Maar (NL)

Orange Grove ft. Walshy Fire *)

Orange Grove (NL/St.Maarten)

Sky (NL)

Orange Grove

Orange Grove

  8. Don't play Tanya Stephens VP
  9. Home alone Tanya Stephens VP
10. To the rescue Tanya Stephens  VP
11. My boy lollipop Soundorchester Roy Etzel (Germany) Jupiter (Germany)
12. Blue Beat Anneke Soetaert (Belgium) Life (Danmark)
13. Das ist der Blue Beat Gitte (Haenning) Danmark/Germany Electrola (Germany)
14. My loving baby - come back Lee Roy Island
15. No good girl The Gaylads Melodisc


*) on YouTube: click here



Blue Beat Reggae Show # 443

Maandag / Monday 20th May 2019


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 Millie Small


Millie Small 


 Barbie Gaye (original)


       Titel                                               Artiest(en)                                           Label


  1. My boy lollipop (1964) Millie Fontana (UK)
  2. My boy lollipop (1956) (original) Barbie Gaye (USA) Darl
  3. Exodus                                   *) Bob Marley & The Wailers Island
  4. Praten (Talking)                   *) Bob Marley  
  5. Commandment 1 (Exodus) *) I Roy Virgin Frontline
  6. Praten (Talking)                   *)Dave van Dijk (DJ VPRO)  
  7. Boom draw Julian Marley Ghetto Youths
  8. My girl Josephine (Alb.Version) Super Cat ft. Jack Radics Columbia
  9. My girl Josephine (Instrum.) Super Cat ft. Jack Radics Columbia
10. T'N'T Soulfood International ft. Thilo Grover (Germany)
      Tiger & Tim Xtreme (Germany)  
11. Experimenteller Kram Soulfood International ft. Grover
      Mo' Tapez  
12. Südstadt Reggae Nr. 2 Soulfood International ft. Grover
      MC Double J  
13. Party time Leroy Sibbles Irie Ites
14. Party time Riddim Mafia & Fluxy Irie Ites
15. Watch out (New) Orange Grove (from Saint Maarten) (feat. Yellowman) Orange Grove


*) From: Amigos de Musica, Bob Marley Special, VPRO (Dutch national radio), Sat. Aug. 5th 1978, DJ: Dave van Dijk.


Orange Grove



Blue Beat Reggae Show No. 442

Monday / Maandag 13 Mei 2019

3e en laatste aflevering van

45-toeren-plaatjes (A- en B-kanten)


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  1. Hold me closer
  2. Baby, come back
  3. Angel face
  4. Angel face (Version)
  5. All alone
  6. Set me free

  7. A message to Martha           

           (Kentucky Bluebird)

  8. Tears won't help
  9. A love to share
10. Devoted to you
         (= Because of you, Take 2)
11. What happen to the youth              of today
12. Baby don't do it
13. Amigo
14. Black Slate Rock
15. Oh, oh, what a kiss
16. Ay ay ay Maria
17. A peace of Reggae
The Equals
The Equals
Bonnie & Dottie
Bonnie's All Stars
Teddy Davis
Teddy Davis
Treasure Boy

Treasure Boy

Jackie Opel
Roland Alphonso

Delroy Wilson

Delroy Wilson
Black Slate
Black Slate
Micky Day (NL)
Micky Day (NL)
The Peace Band
Harry J


Harry J

Island SKA
Island SKA



Harry J

Harry J
Mercury (NL)
Mercury (NL)
Omega (NL)
Omega (NL)



Blue Beat Reggae Show No. 441

Maandag / Monday 6 May 2019

Wederom: singeltjes op 45 toeren, Deel 2

Again: 45 rpms, Part 2


Streaming on demand: Terugluisteren: Download:


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 Laurel Aitken


Theo met Laurel Aitken


The Soulful Dynamics as

The Dynamic 6 + 1 









  1. Annabella
  2. Mr. Reggaeman
  3. Baby won't you leave me alone
  4. McVernon Street
  5. Mama we're all crazee now
  6. A lady is a man's best friend
  7. Private number
  8. Another chance
  9. Black is Soul
10. Always with me
11. Mr. Benwood Dick
12. Apollo 12
13. Big Youth Dread
14. Another Version
15. Aquarius pressure                       1)
16. Halfway Tree pressure Pt. 1      2)
17. Halfway Tree pressure Pt. 2      2)
The Soulful Dynamics (Liberia/Germany)
The Soulful Dynamics
The Web (with J.L. Watson) UK)
The Web (with J.L. Watson)
Denzil Dennis
Roy Shirley
Ernest Wilson
Ernest Wilson
The Imperials
The Imperials
Laurel Aitken
Laurel Aitken
Big Youth
(Vivian Jackson)
Shorty The President
Shorty The President
Shorty The President
Philips (NL)
Philips (NL)
Deram (NL)
Deram (NL)
Pama Supreme
Pama Supreme
Nu Beat
Nu Beat


1) 45 toeren / rpm

2) 33 toeren / rpm



Blue Beat Reggae Show #440

Monday / Maandag 29 april 2019

(my 72th birthday; mijn 72e verjaardag)


Vandaag: uitsluitend singeltjes (45 toerenplaten) Deel 1

Today: only singles (45 rpm's) Part 1


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  1. 007 (Shanty Town)

  2. El Toro

  3. Al Capone
  4. 007 (Shanty Town)
  5. Peanut vendor
  6. 100,000 tons of Rock
  7. 30 pieces of silver
  8. Everybody SKA
  9. Rockers
10. 5 to 5
11. 54-46 was my number     
12. Sweet sensation               1)
13. 96 tears  (1966)               2)
14. Midnight hour
15. Rock with me baby
16. A crabit version
17. Wholesale love
18. A heavy load
Desmond Dekker & The Aces
Roland Alphonso & The
           Beverley's All Stars
Prince Buster's All Stars
Prince Buster
Tommy McCook
Tommy McCook
Prince Buster
Prince Buster

The Cassanovas

The Cassanovas (w. Lloyd Charmers)
The Maytals
The Melodians
Question Mark (?) & The Mysterians (USA)
Question Mark (?) & The Mysterians
Johnny Clarke
King Tubby's & The Aggrovators
Rudy Mills
Rudy Mills
Pyramid (UK)

Pyramid (UK)

Blue Elephant (NL)
Blue Elephant (NL)
Unity (Pama)
Scramble (NL)
Scramble (NL)
Trojan (NL)
Trojan (NL)
Cameo-Parkway (NL)
Cameo-Parkway (NL)
Crab (Pama)


1) De B-kant van "54-46 was my number" is foutief aangeduid als "Monkey Man" van de Maytals (Nederlandse persing).

1) Flipside of "54-46 was my number" has wrongly been credited to "Monkey Man" by The Maytals (Dutch pressing).

2) "96 tears" is geen Reggae, maar toch doet het orgeltje denken aan vroege Reggae-platen.

2) "96 tears" is not a Reggae song, but the organ sounds like the organs on early Reggae recordings.



 Blue Beat Reggae Show No. 439 

 Maandag / Monday 22 april 2019 


 Streaming on demand: Terugluisteren: 


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  1. Mother and child reunion
  2. Mother and child reunion
  3. Down in the valley
  4. Keeping it real
  5. Take me in your arms
  6. Mr. Lover Man
  7. Champion lover
  8. Come on home
  9. Since you came into my life

10. Herbman hustling

11. Another dance

12. Dandelion

13. Miss Grace
14. Graceful Version
Paul Simon
King Kong
Judy Mowatt
Beres Hammond
Oneil Peart
Shabba Ranks & Deborah Glasgow
Deborah Glasgow
Sugar Minott
Sugar Minott & J.C. Lodge

Sugar Minott

Bob Marley & The Wailers

Tommy McCook & The SKAtalites

Gene & T.T.
Hot Ice
Generation (Canada)
Heavy Beat
Heavy Beat
Munich (NL)
Heart Beat/Studio 1
Black Roots
Heart Beat




 Blue Beat Reggae Show 438 

 Maandag / Monday April 15th 2019 


 Onlangs heb ik het allereerste Reggae-programma 

 in Nederland laten horen in mijn BBR Show. 

 Vandaag het 2e Reggae-programma in Nederland, ook door mij 

 samengesteld en gepresenteerd. Ik was gast DJ 

 bij Radio Veronica (piratenzender). De geluidskwaliteit is matig (27 sept. 1973). 


 Recently, I played the very first Reggae Show in The Netherlands 

 in my BBR Show. Today the 2nd programme in Holland, also compiled and presented by me. 

 I was one of the guest DJs on Radio Veronica (pirate, off shore radio). 

 The sound quality is moderate (27 Sept. 1973). 



Radio Veronica, piratenzender,

off shore radio


Bob Marley


Lynn Taitt


Big Youth


Luisteren, Streaming on demand, Download: 


 Click here 







  1. Tone up kids
  2. Hurricane Hattie
  3. One eyed giant
  4. Soul food
  5. Long up your mouth
  6. Sun is shining
  7. Dandy Shandy Version 4
  8. Nanny Skank
  9. Lawless Street
10. 7 3/4 Skank
11. Foreman vs Frazier
12. Young, gifted and black
13. The Rock Steady train
14. Ding-a-ling, ting-a-ling
15. Cassius Clay
16. Red sun rise
17. Time is tight
Dave (Barker) & Ansel Collins
Jimmy Cliff with Beverley's All Stars
Baba Brooks a.h. Band
Lynn Taitt & The Jets feat. David Isaacs
The Pioneers
Bob Marley & The Upsetters
Impact All Stars
U Roy
The Soul Brothers
    actually: SKAtalites ft. King Sporty
The Upsetters
Big Youth
Prince Buster
Ewan & Jerry with The Carib Beats
Steve Collins
Dennis Alcapone
The Concords feat. Gregory Isaacs
Ken Lazarus & The Crew
Pama Special
Bullet (Pama)
Big Shot
Success (Pama)
Steady (USA)








 Blue Beat Reggae Show #437 

 Monday / Maandag 8 april 2019 


 Luisteren: Streaming on demand: Download: Klik hier 

 Lloyd Knibb, SKAtalites drummer, for the first time

 on the European continent, Antillian Festival,

 Hoogstraten (Belgium),  Fr. Aug. 17, 1992

 Photo © Theo van Bijnen








  1. Moon river
  2. Don't cry over me
  3. Masquerade is over
  4. Long up your mouth
  5. More than I can say/                1)
  6. Lover man style (new editing)1)

  7. Compendulum               2)

  8. Alley pang

  9. Ling Ting Tong
10. Non-stop
11. Love can break a man
12. Lion's den
13. Macka splaff (Live Version)
14a.Mel/                             3)
14b.Progressiveness/       3)

14c.Cut out that                 3)

14d.Speed Version

Joanne Dennis & The Wailers
Dobby Dobson
The Pioneers
June Lodge

Shorty The President


The SKAtalites
Prince Buster & The All Stars
Roland Alphonso & The SKAtalites
Eric Morris
The Kingstonians
Steel Pulse
Saba Tooth
Anthony B

Sugar Shack Rec.

Heart Beat

Prince Buster
West Side/Top Deck
Blue Beat




1) On the same riddim track 

2) Compendulum = Chris Potter on keybords. The track 

     Compendulum is a DJ Mix of all vocal tracks on the "Compendulum" CD. 

3) 4 tracks from the XRated Gang CD Part 3  



Blue Beat Reggae Show No. 436

Maandag 1 April 2019


Streaming on demand: Download: Terugluisteren:


Click here







Tulips from Amsterdam
It takes two to tango
JA to UK
JA to UK - Version
Jah pretty face
Montego Bay
Montego Bay
Could you be loved
Comma comma
Dance with me
Kick the habit
Dance on your seat

Guns of Brixton

Mystic Revealers
Junior Delgado
Big Youth
Big Youth
Bobby Bloom
Freddie Notes & The Rudies
Bob Marley & The Wailers
Bob Marley & The Wailers
Bob Marley & The Wailers
The Wailers Band
King Zepha & The Blue Beat                            Renaissance
The Phoenix City All Stars
Alpha Blondy
Castle Pie
Wail 'N Soul
Heart Beat
Red Arrow
Gin House Rec.

Happy People Rec.







Blue Beat Reggae Show No. 435

Monday / Maandag 25 Maart 2019





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Owen Grey







  1. Monkey spanner
  2. Monkey spanner Version
  3. Brandnew second hand
  4. Brandnew second hand
  5. Goodnight my love
  6. Monday to Friday
  7. Fire in a Trench Town
  8. Try me
  9. Grandma, grandpa
10. Fulgence Kassy
11. Hands up
12. Green banana
13. Banana
14. Hong Kong SKA
15. Mary Lee
Dave & Ansel Collins
Dave & Ansel Collins
Peter Tosh
Peter Tosh & The Wailers
Roland Alphonso &
    The Beverley's All Stars
The Web
Owen Grey
Owen Grey
Owen Grey
Alpha Blondy
Bunji Garlin
Laurel Aitken
E.K. Bunch
Lou & The Hollywood Bananas
Laurel Aitken & The Blue Beats
Aya/Red Bullet (NL)
Studio One
Reggae Retro
Jay Boy
Vogue (Belgium)
Reggae Retro





 Blue Beat Reggae Show #434 

 Maandag / Monday 18 March 2019 


 Speciale uitzending: het allereerste Reggae-programma in Nederland: 

 in "AVRO's Droom Top 10", 26 juni 1973 

 Special show: the very first Reggae broadcast in The Netherlands: 

 in "AVRO's Dream Top 10" on June 26th 1973 


 Producer: Barend Toet; DJ & interviewer: Cees van Zijtveld; 

 Samenstelling en platen (compilation & records): Theo van Bijnen 

 Alle platen in het programma waren import-platen uit Engeland, behalve de begintune 

 All records played in the programme where imported from England, except the start tune 








 Theo van Bijnen 

  Barend Toet   Cees van Zijtveld 



 Terugluisteren: Streaming on demand: Download: 


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  1. Let it all hang out (After midnight)
  2. Super boss
  3. Pretty Africa
  4. Be still
  5. Owe me no pay me
  6. You're a big girl now (Version 1)
  7. You're a big girl now (Version 3)
  8. Gypsy Woman
  9. Woman ghetto
10. Silver Dollar
11. Sound and music

12. Dreader than dread

13. Bonus track: A distant Dub

The Pioneers
U Roy
Desmond Dekker
Derrick Morgan
The Chosen Few
The Chosen Few
Slim Smith
Phyllis Dillon
Don Drummond
The Soul Brothers
Honeyboy Martin & The Voices with

Tommy McCook & The Supersonics

Aston Familyman Barrett

Treasure Isle/Trojan
Blue Cat


Heart Beat




 Blue Beat Reggae Show No. 433 

 Monday / Maandag 11 Maart 2019 


 Terugluisteren: Streaming on Demand: Download: 


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Richard Ace


Fr. left to right: Lester Sterling*), Richard Ace, Lloyd Knibb*),

Lloyd Brevett*)       *): SKAtalites










  1. Mockin' Bird Hill
  2. Mockingbird Hill
  3. Black man redemption *)
  4. Everything crash
  5. Falling angels
  6. Changes

  7. Midnight rider   

  8. Maybe tomorrow  

  9. Hang 'em high
10. Stayin' alive
11. If I can't have you
12. Elevation Rock
13. Come back
14. For a few dollars more
Roots Syndicate (NL)
The Migill Five (UK)
Bob Marley & The Wailers
Israel Vibration

Paul Davidson

UB 40

Richard Ace (on hammond organ)
Richard Ace (vocal)
Richard Ace (vocal)
Don Drummond
Stranger Cole & Millie Small
The Upsetters
Polydor (NL)
Tuff Gong (JA)
Pink Elephant/Creole (NL)


Atlantic (Germany)

Studio One

 *) Pop-Podium VARA di. 7 mei 1991. Bob Marley 10 jaar dood 

     Pop-Podium VARA (national Dutch radio) May 7, 1991. 10th anniversary of Bob Marley's death. 



On the occasion of Carnival:

Vanwege Carnaval:

Blue Beat Soca Show (BBR Show #432)

Monday, March 4th, 2019


Latin music in a tropical armosphere

Latijns-Amerikaanse muziek in tropische sferen 


 Terugluisteren: Streaming on demand: Download:


 Click here 





















  1. Mama Lion
  2. Obadele - a Remix
  3. La macura
  4. New York City
  5. Olé Olé
  6. No problem
  7. Panadero
  8. Party time
  9. Reggae Calypso
10. Shame and scandal in the family
11. Rock it
Shango (St. Croix)
Krosfyah (Barbados)
Max Woiski (Suriname)
Tabou Combo (Haitia)
Mark Westfa (Suriname/NL)
Arrow (Montserrat)
E.R.A. (CuraÇao)
Invaders Steelband (Suriname/NL)
Yellowman (Jamaica)
Shawn Elliott (Porto Rico/USA)
Merchant (Trinidad)
A&M (Germany)
EMI /Columbia (NL)
Carbaza (France)
Red Bullet (NL)
Hot Vinyl


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